Vinyl Phono Preamplifier
More Music, Less Technology

No single review stands alone so for a balanced perspective on our products we encourage you to read all reviews and to compare and contrast the differing opinions.

AUDIOENZ, May 2012.

Michael Wong writing for AudioEnz stated “(the Vinyl Preamplifier) squarely hits all its design targets and in my experience is the finest phono stage ever made in New Zealand”. He went on to conclude “Nothing short of the best imported super high end models come close to the sonic purity and musicality of the Vinyl, with none offering the same sheer value for money. This is a little piece of magic that I would gladly call my own.” High praise indeed. You can find the full review at the AudioEnz website or download a pdf copy of it here.


Dave Clark lived with our Vinyl Phono Preamplifier for a couple of months and found that it reminded him of the best of tube and solid-state combined, without really sounding like either. He went on to say “(the preamp is) …Light and airy, big and robust, tight and deep, fast and direct. Slam and delicacy, pace and timing… all are right on. The Vinyl Phono Preamplifier gets the music across in a most attractive way.” We are really pleased about this as our intention is to make solid state amplifiers that don’t sound like solid state! You can find the full review at the Positive Feedback website.

AUSTRALIAN HIFI, September 2013

Greg Borrowman wrote an enthusiastic review of the Vinyl preamplifier saying “Tonally, the PureAudio was cleaner than any other phono stage I’ve heard, with a beautifully sweet, pristine delivery of the audio signal, particularly across the midrange and up into the high frequencies… It does this so easily, particularly in the extreme highs, where the transparency is astounding.” The full review is at the Australian HiFi website.

HIFI+, October 2014

Jason Kennedy wrote a glowing review of the Vinyl Preamplifier. He wrote “The sound produced was among the most open I have encountered from any source” and in his conclusion said “It offers a degree of transparency that is rare at any price and adds further fuel to the ‘vinyl rules’ fire” The full review is at the HiFi+ website.

ANALOG PLANET, January 2016

Michael Fremer was persistent in his quest to determine the sonic signature of our Vinyl preamp, and considering that he references everything to system components that are at least 10x more expensive than the Vinyl preamp we were very pleased that he concluded that it had “a smooth overall sound that’s sweet and almost tube-like in the midrange” he went on to say he thought “the vinyl excelled at reproducing acoustic and especially small ensemble classical music”. In conclusion he says “Overall then, if you are looking for a very well engineered, solidly constructed dual-mono moving coil phono preamp built using premium parts that’s also an eye catcher, the $4500 pure audio vinyl is surely worth considering” The full review is at the Analog Planet website.