Reference 2 Class A Monoblock
70 Watts Pure Class A, elegant, perfect.


It is no accident that some of the most highly regarded amplifiers of the past few decades have been Class A and of low power, often around 60-80 watts. This is a power level that allows many of the conflicting design demands to be resolved in an harmonious manner, resulting in sound that is relaxed, pure and involving. Our Reference 2 Power Amplifier sits squarely in that category offering 70 watts of pure Class A power and delivering best in Class performance.

We are rightly proud of what we achieved with our Reference Power Amplifier, it has been universally acclaimed for it’s sonic purity and stands comparison with products costing very much more than it’s asking price. With the Reference 2 revision we have increased the output power a little and refined both the audio circuitry and power supply. Sounding neutral or slightly tube-like, and devoid of any solid state signature, the Reference 2 Power Amplifier is designed to work with domestic loudspeakers in typical home environments. The Class A Power rating is perfectly matched to this requirement and limits the energy consumption and the heat generated during operation in a true Class A design. The power rating also allows us to include a fully regulated, high-current power supply (this is a very rare inclusion) providing an optimum low impedance, low noise environment, from which the amplifier can deliver its very best.

Having chosen Class A operation we were conscious of the need to avoid energy wastage and so designed the amplifier to fall back automatically to a low power standby mode when not in use.

The amplifier’s Class A operation is automated through both signal sensing and 12V trigger connections. When partnered with our Control Preamplifier via the 12V trigger circuit, Class A is activated when the preamplifier is brought out of standby.

Our chassis design fully supports our musical goals. Constructed from heavy aluminium, stainless steel mesh, and supported optimally on three custom designed feet, the non-resonant, non-magnetic structure presents a beautiful, architectural look.


Power: 70 Watts continuous into 8 Ohms pure Class A
Frequency Response: Flat from 10Hz to 100kHz
Input Impedance: 47k Ohms
Distortion: Typically <0.01% under normal operation
Current Output: 40A peak capability
Hum & Noise: Inaudible
Gain: 28dB
Control Terminals: 12V trigger in and 12V trigger loop out.
Power Consumption In use: 180 Watts
Dimensions: 410mm deep, 480mm wide, 115mm high
Weight: 16kg

“The Reference monoblocks are killer ” – Parttime Audiophile

“Pureaudio Monoblocks – The best of Class A” – Stereo Prestige & Image – France

“I live with live instruments and music on daily basis, and I can assure you that these products sound more natural than almost any other electronics I have heard regardless of price. They “breathe” in a special way, and have an extremely organic way to present music.” – Roald Mikkelsen, Distributor and Retailer, Norway.

“In our initial assessment of the Reference Mono amplifiers we find great transparency, detail, nuances, forceful transients and a 3D soundstage.” Kent Melin, Distributor and Retailer, Sweden.

“Pure Audio. Minimal, exotic, extraordinary.” – Scot Hull again, listing our Reference Amplifiers amongst 2015′s “most coveted products”

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