Our Remote Control
More Music, Less Technology

Why our remote control is different.

When we first designed our Control Preamplifier it was without a remote control. We did this for a reason. We think that there are too many distractions in our busy lives. Too many things vying for our attention. Smartphones are a good example. Slowly our attention span is being reduced, we jump from one thing to the next without ever really settling. Perhaps it is not surprising that stress is on the rise. In amongst this increasingly noisy world music can provide relief. I’m sure you know the relaxation and enjoyment that can come from sitting down and listening to music. We wanted to maximise your chance of being able to turn off, and just enjoy.

When you sit to listen with a remote handset, or multiple remote handsets, you tend to hold these while you listen. We think that just holding the remote is a subtle distraction, and before you have fully relaxed into the music there is a tendency to skip tracks, play with the device, and keep your mind at a surface level. We thought that avoiding a remote handset completely might help enforce undistracted enjoyment.

Feedback we had from customers and retailers suggested that while our thinking was innovative, there was still a need for a remote handset. With the increasing use of streaming playback from music servers and other sources, the material can be from a variety of recordings, and the playback level can vary a little from one track to the next based on the level of the original source. We recognised this need, and so we agreed to offer a remote to address it.

Our remote handset is quite different to others in the market. Firstly because our Control Preamplifier uses entirely analogue control systems internally (in order to minimise electronic noise in the preamp) we couldn’t just integrate a standard microprocessor based system. Also our stepped attenuator was not coupled in any way mechanically to the volume control.

We chose to use an infrared analogue signal to alter our existing attenuator control. This allows the attenuator to be electronically moved up or down by 6-7db, giving a total control range of 12-14dB. This is more than enough to adjust for level changes between tracks.

In use you set the volume knob to approximately where you would normally have it, and then if need be, while listening, use the handset to tweak the level up or down to suit. When you return the volume knob to the standby position any adjustments you have made are reset.

Of course we would still encourage you to put all remote handsets, smartphones, and other gadgets aside while you listen. Relax and enjoy!