Control 1 Preamplifier

We believe our Control preamplifier will stand comparison with the very best available at any price. Our design is an exercise in minimalism in the service of music. At it’s heart is a high precision 32 step attenuator utilising non-magnetic Vishay-Dale resistors which provide fine control over the volume setting. Along with the buffer that follows, there is essentially no impact on the signal passing through. The result is pure, just music, with nothing added, and nothing taken away.

Because we want your music to be at the fore, our user interface has been simplified so that it responds to your needs without calling any attention to itself. The large rotary control allows you to set your initial volume level, and when rotated to zero activates the preamp’s standby mode. A slim wood cased remote handset allows level trimming during listening. Input selection is automated, responding intuitively to your selected source. This simplicity does not come at a cost, as complete flexibility is provided, with the preamplifier easily forming the heart of a purist 2 channel system, or integrating seamlessly into a complete combined 2-channel / home theatre installation.

We created the Control preamplifier as a complete dual mono design, with entirely separate left and right channel power supplies, signal paths, and ground systems. The interior is kept free of electronic noise, with no microprocessors, or other noise polluting elements. This care and attention contributes significantly to the purity of the music that you hear.

When partnered with our Reference Monoblock Class A Power Amplifier the two products interconnect and interact seamlessly as a system in response to your needs.

Our universal chassis design fully supports our musical goals. Constructed from heavy aluminium, stainless steel mesh, and supported optimally on three custom designed feet, the non-resonant, non-magnetic structure presents a beautiful, architectural look.

Inputs: Four line inputs, 1 direct and 3 autoselected, 1 processor input, 12V or standby switched.
Outputs: Two pairs of line outputs
Control Terminals: 12V trigger in and out.
Frequency Response: Flat from DC to greater than 100kHz
Input Impedance: 50k Ohms
Output Impedance: 100 Ohms
Distortion: <0.01% in normal operation
Hum & Noise: Inaudible
Power Consumption: 25 Watts
Dimensions: 410mm deep, 480mm wide, 115mm high
Weight: 12kg

Remote Control: Volume Up / Down

You can download a high resolution pdf copy of the product brochure here.